The Anderson Mines of Aberfeldy by Adventurer Maps


Many authors publish books by just researching. I, together with my learned colleagues, have published this series of books by both researching and going out in the field to find the historical sites and mines, this is why is takes many years to put together.

Many years and countless hours of research have been spent into this region called the “Walhalla-Woods Point Gold Belt. I have pieced together and found many mines, hut sites, hotels, old townships and lone graves. Much of this research has gone into my already published maps and books. I have ran countless expeditions in this area over the last 20 years, and continue to do so year after year. To date, I have recorded thousands of historical sites.

This publication is primarily based on my finds rather than a detailed historical paper, although there is still plenty of historical information. Decades of research and ground work goes into finding all these sites, and this publication is for those who wish not to pursue such a task, but rather use this as their guide to re-visit and explore the rich history that our pioneers had created.

I included much evidence as possible in this publication in conjunction with my expeditions in the area. I try to cover an area as thoroughly as possible, with historical documents and data, maps, photos and some great stories.

There is nothing like this series of publications out there, and I hope you take pleasure in reading them, as much as I had compiling them.

71 pages Spiral Bound (2020)

RRP $22.95 inc. postage


The Landy's Dream Group of Mines of Walhalla

Includes Wealth of Nations and Perserverance Mines and Kitty Hawk Plane Crash

Book No.4 in the series

Approx: 52 plus pages

$19.95 inc. postage


Walhalla- Valley of Gold by John Aldersea and Barb Hood

292 pages, many colour photographs, and is set out in three sections, Its People, Its Places and Its Mines. Its people covers many who had an impact on the towns history as well as some ordinary people who added to its character. The Places covers many of the hidden treasurers of Walhalla that nature is quickly reclaiming and the mining section is a comprehensive description of all the Walhalla mines including the names in the Long Tunnel Gold Mine employment book [1872-1915]

293 pages- 2nd Edition 2016

$49.95 inc. postage

Boom and Bust at Fulton's Creek by Steve Dingwall

This book is the letters of Oswald (Ossie) Macarthur of Maffra, to his new wife Jessie (formerly EMSON), supported by a trove of documents of the time, plus photos. The material was found accidentally many years ago in Maffra.

Fultons Creek was a short-lived rush in the early 1860s adjacent to Donnellys Creek, but this is the story of Macarthur who was first at nearby Boys Reef (Porters), then began mining in Fultons Creek in 1895. The venture went into liquidation in 1897, but in between a vast cache of documents were created that has resulted in this book. So this is not so much a summary story of the Fultons Creek Gold Mining Company, as a fascinating insight into the operation of a gold mine through its documents. For mining historians, it will be invaluable. Steve also lists other mines in the area (there were many), often with further details. For those who had families in the area, it will be most useful also. All documents are reproduced in full, with ongoing text that puts them in context, where it is known.

222 pages (2018)

$60 inc. postage

Tracks to the Woods Point and Jordan Goldfields by R.W. Christie.

A brief history of the Wood's Point and Jordan goldfields including photographs, town maps, newspaper articles and diary extracts. (Christie, 116 pages, 1981)

RRP $29.95

SPECIAL $25 inc. postage





The Victorian Prospectors Guide and Handbook 2015 (13th Edition)The book has been updated with references to Metal Detecting and the Laws of Do's and Don'ts of prospecting. It also contains many photos both old and new. Not only is it a modern representation of prospecting but also a history of the ways that will fascinate you. Originally the book was printed in 1894 so the history is there. The book covers in quite length and detail the Geology, gold, gemstones, different ways to prospect, etc. of Victoria. Every prospector should have one, from the beginner to the expert.

96 pages- (2015) ISBN Number: 0-9579946-7-2


$19.95 inc. postage

Gold for the Taking- A Pictorial History of the Walhalla-Woods Point
GoldBelt in its Heyday 1860's- 1960's

Over 152 pages & more than 330 rare photographs covering such areas as Walhalla, Coopers Creek, Fulton's Creek, Donnelly's Creek, Aberfeldy, Woods Point, Matlock, Jamieson, Kevington, Ten Mile, Gaffney's Crk, Toombon, Enoch's Point, Big River, Black River, etc.

A4 in size, high quality paper and hard cover, with large vivid photos. A very comprehensive book depicting the ENTIRE Walhalla-Woods Point Gold Belt.

152 pages- (2007) ISBN Number: 978-0-9579946-9-0

$49.95 inc. postage

Discovering Briagolong by Laurie Manning, reprinted by Adventurer Maps


Just 14km north of Stratford (near Sale) in Gippsland is the historic township of Briagolong.  The book covers in great detail the history of the region, including Freestone Creek, Valencia, Bushy Park & Boisdale.  It begins from the Aboriginals, to the first pioneers & explorers, right up to the present. This  book is in B & W with many photos.

128 pages- (2005) ISBN Number: 0-9579946-8-0


$19.95 inc. postage

Fulton's Creek- The Diary of Gilbert Smith (1883-1884)

Previously little or nothing was known about this area apart from old newspaper extracts and scant public records. This is a personal diary for the entire year of 1883, written by a prospector who lived a solitary life in the Fulton's Creek valley, but travelled across a mountain range on foot every Sunday, to teach Sunday-school to children in the neighbouring Donnelly's Creek valley, in which he later lived at the township of Store Point. The diary is a very precise and detailed account of his daily work, hut life and mood swings determined by his prospecting success or feelings of loneliness.

My expedition work is now completed. I have found many sites over a 10 year period working on this project that Gilbert spoke about. This diary even proves that the Burial Ground at Store Point is not the real burial ground.... there is another.

39 pages- comb bound (2016) ISBN 0-9579946-5-6

$16.95 inc. postage

Gippsland Revisited - A pilgrimage to a mother’s grave at Edward’s Reef (Donnelly’s Creek)

This publication is about the only marked grave at the Edward’s Reef Burial Ground that of Christina Shaw.
This is a diary written by Alex Shaw, Christina ’s son and is an account of a fourteen-day
journey made by Alex in 1930 from Ballarat to The Springs, Donnelly’s Creek and Edwards
Reef, as a pilgrimage to his mother’s grave. He was in his late sixties at the time;his son Donald
joined him and provided the transport.

Publishing this diary of Christina Shaw will provide a better understanding of our history in a remote mountain goldfield and to also keep our history alive. I sincerely thank all the descendants of the Shaw family whom have
kindly given me permission to publish this diary.

22 pages- comb bound (2017) ISBN 0-9807457-8-0

$12.95 inc. postage

Mountain Gold by John Adams

The long awaited re-print of the brilliant book covering the Old Narracan Shire... which includes Walhalla, Aberfeldy, Donnelllys Creek, Tanjil, Hill End ,etc..A4 size rather than the old small format of A5.... soft cover ... B&W with numerous old photographs added in as well.

170 pages- (2011) ISBN Number: 978-0-9807457-2-6

$29.95 inc. postage

Old Walhalla- by Raymond Paull

This is a new re-print from Adventurer Maps. Originally printed in 1963, it has been re-edited and slightly updated. This book tells how the alluvial workings of Stringerís Creek in the remote mountains of Gippsland, Victoria, grew into the busy mining town of Walhalla in the late nineteenth century. Gold towns have become ghost towns in many corners of Australia, but none of them has the romantic attraction of Walhalla.  Mr Paullís vivid picture makes it live again. It contains 112 pages in B & W. Its available perfect bound soft cover or hard cover (limited edition, individually numbered and signed out of 200).

$19.95 inc. postage ( soft cover bound )  ISBN Number: 0 9579946 3 X     Publication Date: 2003
$25.00 inc. postage ( hard cover bound )  ISBN Number: 0 9579946 4 8    Publication Date: 2003

Childhood Reminiscences of Early Walhalla by Isabella Francis Cleugh

This is in B&W with heaps of rare photos. Isabella Frances Cleugh was born in Walhalla in 1866. This author basically tells her story through the eyes of her childhood years. She reminiscences about growing up in the mining town, her school days, her ups and downs with her mother and sister, the characters, events and mishaps of the once bustling township of Walhalla.
Printed and edited by Adventurer Maps. 

68 pages- (2003) ISBN Number:  0-9579946-6-4     

$16.95 inc. postage

Recollections of Early Gippsland Goldfield
by Richard Mackay

Adventurer maps has printed a book that has been out of print and unavailable. So much that if you could get it second hand it would fetch between $50-$70.00. It was first printed in 1916 and much of it has been kept to its original. The book is diary based with stories and recollections  of 1862 to the early 1900's. It has also a chapter on Angus McMillan.   The book has a wealth of information that cannot be replaced by any other book on the area today. It contains 100 pages of text and includes several photos.

100 pages- (2000)

ISBN Number: 0 646 40413 X

$19.95 inc. postage

Donnelly's Creek- From Rush to Ruin of a Gippsland Goldfield- by Luke Steenhuis
This book was first published in 1990. Mr Steenhuis has given me kind permission to re-print this book with a new format and some minor additions. This book is contains the entire history of Donnelly's Creek area and its surrounds, and is well researched and documented. It contains 100 pages in B & W. A very fascinating not to be missed read.

100 pages (2001) ISBN Number: 0-9579946-0-5

$19.95 inc. postage

The Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine- Walhalla, Victoria- A World Famous Gold Mine- by Adventurer Maps
This booklet outlines the entire history of the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine- one of the richest gold mines ever discovered in Victoria. It has many photographs of the mine and its workings, and it goes into thorough detail describing all about the mine, managers, workings, highlights, etc. It contains 24 pages in B & W.

24 pages- (2001)

ISBN Number: 0-9579946-1-3

$7.95 inc. postage

The History & Guide to the Upper Goulburn- by Adventurer Maps

This book contains 64 pages in Black  & White. It is chock full with information on the area between Howqua, Jamieson, Big River and Woods Point. It has heaps of photos, both recent and old, things to do and see in the area, walks, history, fishing, etc, etc. 

64 pages- (2002)

ISBN Number: 0-9579946-2-1

$10.95 inc. postage

Adventurer Maps

- The Ghost Town Series -

Now you can purchase all my maps in one easy to handle A4 Spriral Bound Booklet or in LARGE FORMAT A3.

45 pages covering all my 21 maps of the Walhalla to Jamieson Gold Belt.

Stain and water proof cover. Durable smudge resistent pages. Writable pages, so you can make those precious notes, gps points, additions,memos, etc.

Click here for a sample of my 'ghost town series' map

click here for the index to the 'ghost town series' of maps

PRICE IS $49.95 inc. postage (A4 size)

PRICE IS $59.95 inc. postage (A3 size)

ISBN Number: 978-0-9807457-0-2

All 23 Adventurer Maps on one CD. Already configured for oziexplorer and ozi CE. CD also has separate JPG files to view the legend and information contained on each map. The 23 maps are also saved in JPG files to view & print on any computer. Also comes in a hard plastic DVD case for protection.

RRP $79.95 each including postage & G.S.T

Walhalla Adventurer Tourist and 4wd Map

1:20,000 scale map. It is a huge 1000mm x 700mm in size and covers areas in which you need three 1:25,000 topograhical maps for. It features colour coded tracks, contours, historical features & information, colour photos, tourist info, fishing spots, shows all 4wd, walking, horse & motorbike tracks, enlarged township map of Walhalla, suggested walks and attractions, canoe notes, 4wd trek notes, colour shaded boundaries, accurate, field checked and up to date.
Field checked May, 2001. RRP $10.00 each including postage & G.S.T or (or any order of 3 or more maps inc. Ghost Town series of maps $7 each inc. postage & GST)

Click here for a sample of my new Walhalla map

Grant Historic Adventurer Map
1: 25,000 scale map of the Grant Historical Area covering Talbotville, Hogtown, Grant, etc. in Victoria's High Country.
Field checked in March 1998.
RRP $10.00 each including postage & G.S.T or (or any order of 3 or more maps inc. Ghost Town series of maps $7 each inc. postage & GST)

Click on the above sample

Ghost Town Series Adventurer Maps
1: 20,000 scale maps in a series covering Walhalla to Jamieson in Victoria's High Country. 19 maps in complete set.
RRP $9.45 each including postage & G.S.T (or any order of 3 or more maps $7 each inc. postage & GST)

Why are these maps better?

( Buy the complete set of 19 maps includes the new Walhalla map for only $100.00 inc. postage & GST. )


Click here for the index to the 'ghost town series' of maps


Click here for map corrections and updates

Walhalla (out of print) "see new map above" Woods Point / Matlock May 1997
Shamrock September 1996 A1 Mine May 1998
Fulton Creek October 1995 Gaffneys Creek May 1998
Beardmore March 1996 Jericho December 1995
Donnellys Creek/Store Point May 1995 Big River February 1999
Donnellys Creek / Toombon (see details below)

March 2016 *NEW*

Kevington February 1999
Aberfeldy November 1995 Enochs Point March 1999
Fiddlers Green December 1996 Mt. Terrible April 1999
Woods Point /Gooleys Creek May 1997 Stockmans Reward July 1999
Mount Useful January 2000 Brooklyn Town January 2000

new Toombon map: What is new to this map?

- it shows all the new 'Historic' signage from the Aberfeldy Tracks Project

- shows the new walking tracks from the Aberfeldy Tracks Project inc. where the 'map stations' are

- more historic info, including more pack tracks, mines, settlement sites, and much much more from our on ground field work and research

- all 4wd tracks are updated

- all infomation is updated and included in the most detailed map you can buy for your money in this region by far


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